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Building the Ultimate Windows XP Retro Gaming PC — Detailed Build Guide

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This is it, the ULTIMATE Windows XP Retro Build! This really is overkill for the goal of playing older Windows XP games that just don't run well on Windows 10! Join me on this crazy journey!
Playlist of Videos on this Build -

The Review of the NEW iBuyPower PC is here -
^ I get it, pre-built PCs aren't for everyone... many of you wouldn't consider it. However this really isn't the same thing as a Dell when it comes to the ability to upgrade it over time.

All Links are to EBay:
Intel Xeon X5675 - 6 Core / 12 Thread CPU -
Intel i7-980X - 6 Core / 12 Threads CPU -
^ Same CPU, the Xeon is multiplier locker and required BLK overclocking, the i7 is unlocked and can be adjusted using the multiplier. It costs more, but it is really simple.

X58 Motherboards -
^ If you're really looking for a X58 motherboard today, I strongly encourage you to not try and buy the cheapest one you can find. I would buy one from a major company such as ASUS, Gigabyte, etc. who still has drivers, BIOS updates, etc. online that you can use to setup your new PC.

GTX 960 -
^ This is the latest GPU that works with Windows XP without the use of modded drivers. While an older Titan card technically works, those are rare and expensive. Avoid the cards out of China as most of those are fakes, only buy a name brand card.

GTX 285 -
^ There are benefits to buying hardware closer to the proper era. Some older games don't like the latest NVidia drivers and you can't go very far back in drivers on a 960 before you aren't supported. Retro web sites like Vorgons often suggest a 285 due to the ability to go much older on the drivers for early 2000s games.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS -
^ Going old school? Get a decent sound card with EAX support and proper drivers from the era. Creative Labs still has the software suite online for this and for early 2000s games, this is MUCH better than onboard audio from a X58 board.

There is more I could link here, but the above should get you started if you're interested in this build. In truth, a Core2Quad Q6600 is really all you'd ever need for a retro Windows XP build because anything you'd REALLY need a real bare-metal XP install for would run fine on a single core and amazing on 2... 4 is just overkill... Maybe I'll do a Q9650 Core2Quad build at some point! :)


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