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10 Least Impressive Batman Villains DC Wants You To Forget

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These Batman Villains Are No Competition
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Batman is one of the most iconic DC superheroes, so it’s no wonder he’s appeared in multiple movies with may A-list actors vying to play the role. A superhero needs a supervillain, and Batman has tussled with his fair share of criminals. But a great comic book villain doesn’t always translate well on-screen. It takes well-written dialogue, an interesting plot, cool character design and some passion for the original material for a comic book character to be satisfyingly adapted into a movie character. From films like “Batman Forever” and “The Dark Knight” to “Justice League”, DC has been trying to recreate the Caped Crusaders worst enemies for years. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it definitely doesn’t. If a villain isn’t given a chance to shine and show us their villainous ways, then we end up with character like Talia al Ghul and Steppenwolf, who never fully reach their potential in film. Some of these can be blamed on bad acting, like Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, while others are the product of bad writing, like Robert Swenson as Bane. Whether it’s campy portrayals like Arnold Schwartzenegger as Mr. Freeze and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, serious but lack-luster performances like Jared Leto as the Joker and Halle Berry as Catwoman, or questionably designed villains like Doomsday and the Scarecrow, DC has plenty of mediocre villainous portrayals that they would rather we all forgot.

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