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10 Life Tips You Must Know

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10 Life Tips You Must Know

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There's nothing better than going through your everyday life knowing that you have a couple of tricks up
your sleeves that make life a whole lot easier.
In this video, we're going to help you achieve that. We're coming at you with ten fantastic life hacks that
you must know. Make sure you hold your breath for this unexpectedly selfish but useful tip about using
elevators. Let's get right to it!
For some strange reason, it seems like the universe has been committed to magically making some
certain things hilariously inconvenient. For example, you can’t seem to unlock your door quickly enough
when you really need to go to the bathroom. Other times, you can’t find that one thing you really need
when you have literally been seeing it everywhere for the past week when you didn’t need it.
If you could relate to that, then you might understand the pain and frustration when you desperately
need a double A battery but for the life of you, you can’t seem to find any batteries at home except the
smaller triple A ones. Don’t you worry about a thing, because I’ve got you.
First things first, grab your smaller batteries and put them in the device you want to power like a
remote. After you put the smaller batteries into the compartment, you’re going to roll up some tin foil
paper and use that to fill up the space between the battery and the contact point. That should give you
enough time to still use your device but don’t forget to go out and grab some proper-sized batteries as
soon as you can. That’s important too.
I think we would all agree that not many things beat a great grilled sandwich. There’s nothing better
than all that gooey and crispy yumminess going all into your mouth all at once and honestly, this stuff
does great at any time of the day. Breakfast? Perfect. Lunch? Perfect. Dinner? Still perfect. Midnight
snack when everyone else is asleep? The best kind of perfect.
You know just how much of a hassle it could be to make a grilled cheese sandwich the proper way so
most of the time, you might find yourself just grabbing one at a restaurant. So, what happens when you
are in a pinch and you really, really want that grilled cheese sandwich? Well, here’s a life hack that is
about to change the game for you.
First, you’re going to need your ingredients. Obviously. Second, you’re going to need a toaster. Any
regular toaster will do, it doesn’t have to be Gordon Ramsey-approved. Next, you flip that bad boy onto

its side so that it will keep the cheese and the bread level. Pop your sandwich into the toaster and when
the toaster pops, the cheese will be perfectly melted and you can then put the two pieces of bread
together. You’re very welcome because we also delight in this new found way to pack on some more
quarantine chub.
You may or may not be on your fiftieth bottle of wine since quarantine started, and honestly, we’re not
even judging. It’s been a tough year. So, if the year has been spent avidly sipping on wine while watching
the news, you might need this hack more than most people.
Sometimes, it just feels great to kick back and relax with a glass of wine or five and just have a great
evening or morning, also not judging. The problem with enjoying your glass of wine is that in no time,
the chilliness disappears and nobody actually likes lukewarm wine. So, how do you remedy this?
Typically, you would immediately think of plopping a couple of ice cubes into your glass but the problem
here is that when the ice cubes melt, the water instantly waters down your wine and you’re left with
weak box juice. Not what you’re looking for, is it? So, here’s the real hack. Instead of using ice cubes, all
you need to do is freeze up some grapes. After they’re frozen nice and solid, you can plop them into
your glass. The difference here is that when they melt, they actually add to the flavor of your wine
instead of watering it down. Isn’t that wonderful? Now you can now go back to enjoying your wine
without stress.
This life hack is for moms, dads, expecting parents, or just anyone who has kids around a lot and is in
charge of taking care of them. When you put your young child in a bathtub, many kids enjoy bath time
with their trusty rubber ducks for example as companions.
The problem with having these bath time companions is that these toys can easily float away and in an
attempt to catch their absconding toys, your baby could lunge for them or slide under the water. That
could lead to an accident.

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