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10 Places That Cannot Be Visited

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10 Places That Cannot Be Visited

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10 Places That Cannot Be Visited
People now have the ability to travel to all kinds of places. Well, naturally, not right now because, you
know, 2020, but you know what I mean. But there are places that you won’t be able to set foot on
anytime soon, just like number one on our list, which is a place I bet you wouldn’t even dare visit even if
you were allowed to. Here are 10 places that cannot be visited.

Number 10. Snake Island, Brazil
The Ilha da Qeimada Grande, better known as Snake Island off the coast of Brazil is an island so
dangerous that the Brazilian authorities have made it illegal for anybody to even approach it without
authorization, and with good reason; the island is home to the largest concentrated population of one of
the most venomous snakes in the world – the golden lancehead viper. Lanceheads are not very large
snakes, growing to an average of just a foot and a half long, but they pack quite a punch. Any human
bitten by them could be dead within an hour, if not administered with the proper anti-venom. The island
is so densely packed; it is estimated that there are anywhere between 2000-4000 lanceheads living
there at any given time.
Local people believe that the lanceheads were introduced to the island by pirates to guard a horde of
treasure that they left there. These slithering deterrents were so effective that it’s believed that the
treasure is still there, it’s original owners unable to retrieve it, because of the snakes that they
themselves left there to protect it.

Number 9. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan
There are certain places that are forbidden everybody in general. However, there are some who can
only be entered by a select few; scientists, military officials, priests, or members of the royal family. This
is one such place.
The Ise Grand Shrine is one of the holiest places in Japan dedicated to the goddess of Sun, Amaterasu. It
is a huge complex consisting of more than 100 temples or shrines. The main temple is surrounded by a
high wooden fence, and the only ones allowed to enter are priests and senior members of the royal
While the location of the shrine is said to date back to the third century, the standing structures have
been dismantled and replaced every 20 years — most recently in 2013 — consistent with Shinto beliefs
regarding death and renewal. One of the main shrines is believed to house the ‘Sacred Mirror,’ called
Yata no Kagami, part of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. From outside, little can be seen except a fence and
the buildings’ thatched roofs.

Number 8. The Vatican Archives
The Holy See has always been shrouded in mystery, and has always been at the sights of people who are
wondering about the secrets that lie within its holy walls. Thousands have claimed that the pope has

information, and even evidence to some of the greatest mysteries in the world. From the existence of
aliens and demons to the deepest darkest secrets of the world’s biggest religions, conspiracy theorists
have long speculated what is kept secret in the Vatican Secret Archive.
In recent years, it has been revealed that the Vatican Archives is home to some of the rarest and most
historical items in existence which includes a 60-meter-long scroll of parchment containing the minutes
of the infamous trial of the Knights Templar, a letter penned by then Pope Leo X excommunicating
Martin Luther, a letter to the pope from Mary Queen of Scots imploring him to intervene and stop her
execution, which was obviously denied, and letters from Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, both non
Catholics, representing both sides of the Civil War, each asking for Pope Pius IX’s support in the war.
Unfortunately, only a select few has access to these priceless artifacts of human history.

Number 7. Area 51
No list of prohibited places would be complete without a mention of Area 51 — the nickname for a
remote detachment of United States Air Force facility Edwards Air Force Base, located in Southern
Nevada. The facility is shrouded in secrecy and while it has long believed to be a testing facility for
experimental aircraft and weaponry, conspiracy theorists favorite theory that the base is where the U.S.
government examines and stores a crashed alien space craft and the alien occupants, including evidence
from a supposed alien crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
Area 51 was created during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union as a testing and
development facility for aircraft, including the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance planes. Although
it opened in 1955, its existence was only officially acknowledged by the CIA in August 2013.
What goes on inside is extremely secret.

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