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10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

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10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

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10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

If you’ve watched our videos, you know that we’re a bit obsessed with underwater creatures. And of course, we have a lot of respect for the one that’s perhaps, one of the most dangerous of them all: the shark. There are different types of shark. Some are slightly friendly and some others just want to eat. And while shark attacks are nothing like what we see in Jaws or any other movies, there are still encounters that could either harm us or become a major threat to our lives. Now, if you go diving with the proper gear, then you’re more likely to have a safe close encounter with these creatures. But even that is not 100% safe. There’ve been incidents in which diving near these creatures led to scary encounters. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Shark Diving Moments That Went Wrong.” We’ll have a look at some cool footage of people who had very close and scary encounters with sharks. I’m sure the people were not expecting this, but I’m also sure they’re glad they had a camera to record it and share their story with the world.

A Group Experience

Coming face to face with sharks can be scary. So why not do it with your friends? At least you won’t be alone if anything crazy happens. The first shark diving experience for today starts with a group in Port Lincoln, Australia. They were happily enjoying their surroundings when out of a sudden an aggressive shark showed up to eat the bait. The shark is going so fast that it bumps against the cage. From the perspective of one of the people, you can see that the shark is coming directly towards them. However, when you look at it from a different angle, you can tell that the shark just wanted to get the bait and go back to whatever it is that sharks do underwater. This was definitely unexpected, as the divers were not supposed to get this close to the shark. But that’s why those cages are so complex and well designed, to make sure that sharks don’t cross the barrier and harm the people inside.

A Smart Shark

The next video starts with a shark expert diving into the water inside a cage that is built with bars on every side except one, that is covered in Flexi glass. At first, the diver spots a shark that looks shy, but as the diver starts to show his vulnerable human nature, an 18-foot long shark shows up and starts to prey on him. But the shark doesn’t just go for the diver. Instead, the beast starts to chew on one of the two floats that keeps the cage balanced. While the diver is safe inside the cage, there’s a big risk that things will get complicated if the shark punctures both floats and sends the cage to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily, the diver managed to go back to the surface unharmed, but this experience gave them a great example of what sharks are capable of. They’re not just wild beasts; they actually have a strategy to accomplish whatever it is that they want.

Paddling Away

The next video is not necessarily a diving experience, but the guy in the video had to go underwater to spot the big danger that was swimming around him. The video starts with a guy going off on a peaceful and relaxing Standup Paddling session, but suddenly he falls off his board and immediately gets his camera to show us what’s underwater: it’s a huge shark that could easily take this guy down at any time. Just watching the video makes me anxious, and I can totally imagine what this guy felt! Luckily, the shark didn’t seem interested in attacking the guy, so he was able to get back on his board and paddle away. I think one of the scariest things about this video is the fact that the guy is by himself and that he’s a bit far from the shore. He obviously made it out fine, but I’m sure he’ll be thinking about this next time he goes in the open water without any company.

The Ghost Cage

The next video starts with a guy going inside a “Ghost Cage” - which is a cage that’s transparent so it gives the illusion of being invisible. The scary thing about this video starts when the diver notices five sharks swimming in circles around him. They all seem eager to get closer to him and one of them actually pushes itself towards the cage, almost making its way inside. The lucky diver was quick to push the shark out and then the guy went up to the surface. It was a thrilling and scary experience, and the diver says that he saw all kinds of sharks down there and most of the encounters were more intense than he anticipated. All it takes is to be in the right spot at the right time for these things to happen.

10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

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