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10 Signs You're Actually a Genius

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10 Signs You're Actually a Genius

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10 Signs You're Actually a Genius
What makes a genius? Is it years of formal study and thousands of hours spent poring over books? Or
are there people predetermined to be geniuses based on certain physical aspects and or overt behavior?
Many scientists tend to think the latter and you can find out whether you are a closet genius of you
exhibit any of these signs. Number one is especially surprising so stay tuned for that as I bring you 10
signs that you are actually a genius.

Number 10. You take frequent naps.
Research studies suggest that frequent naps make you rejuvenate your brain and makes you smarter.
How true and it doesn’t really require research to know that you need rest because lack of sleep can
retard your cognitive function.
Most geniuses have actually perfected the power nap. Since a lot of them tend to believe that it is
absolutely imperative to stay ahead, they seem to think that sleeping deprives them of this opportunity.
Hence, they’d reduce the time they rest at night in order to have more functional, waking hours.
Instead, they’d take advantage of the so-called “power nap”. Both Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison were
famous advocates of this principle. The power nap is a concept which determines that you could get
about 20 minutes’ worth of nap to recharge and reset your brain in a working mode quickly. This fights
off fatigue temporarily, allowing you to keep on working for longer.
Of course, there are certain limits. You can’t be doing so for a longer period of time, and you would still
need a longer, uninterrupted cycle for your brain to recover. Failing to do so would place you in a state
of sleep deprivation which is particularly harmful.

Number 9. You doodle.
Doodling has long been thought of being a sign that you’re bored or that you lack concentration. But
researchers have found that to be extremely far from the truth. When researchers looked inside the
brains of people who were doodling, coloring and free drawing, using functional near-infrared
spectroscopy, they found that all three activated the prefrontal cortex.
The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain involved in managing your ability to problem-solve, reason,
use logic, and remember things. It’s also the part of the brain you use to direct your attention — which
is serious business when it comes to staying focused in conference rooms, classrooms, or even on that
boring teleconference where Joe is going over the very same thing he presented last week.
According to research by Jackie Andrade, PhD, of the University of Plymouth, UK, when participants
monitored a monotonous mock telephone message for the names of people coming to a party, the
doodling group performed better on the monitoring task and recalled 29% more information on a
surprise memory test than those who didn’t doodle. It’s evidence that doodling isn’t a sign of a
distracted brain. Instead, it is the useful tool of a brain that is trying to stay focused.

Number 8. You’re extremely messy.
It turns out that having a messy desk or looking disheveled in general is not just a stereotypical trope
that Hollywood uses to indicate that a person is a genius. It may be a sign that a person is an actual
Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently tested how well students came up with new ideas
when working in orderly versus disorderly work areas. The study showed that participants in the messy
room generated the same number of ideas for new uses as their clean-room counterparts. But their
ideas were rated as more interesting and creative when evaluated by impartial judges.
Here’s what Albert Einstein said about a messy desk “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of
what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Being messy means you’re unconventional and break from
tradition to do things. If you’re messy who cares, it also means you’re too busy exercising your brains
and your creativity.

Number 7. You have blue eyes.
The color of your eyes could determine your achievements in life, at least, that’s what scientists say.
They claim those with blue eyes are more likely to sparkle academically than those with brown. They are
more intelligent and gain more qualifications because they study more effectively and perform better in
In reaction time trials conducted by U.S. scientists, the brown-eyed performed better, making them
more likely to succeed at activities such as football, hockey and rugby. But the researchers concluded
that those with lighter eyes appeared to be better strategic thinkers.

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