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10 Siren Head Sightings Caught on Tape

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10 Siren Head Sightings Caught on Tape

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Recently, several videotapes about a brutal monster went viral on the internet. These clips meant to prove the aliveness of a dreadful creature called Siren Head.

For starters, Siren heads are slim mummified hominids with two metallic sirens on their head. They are smart killers who lure victims by imitating their friend's voice. Siren heads are like the 2020 version of slender man.

Initially, we conceived these stories to be mere urban legends. However, when new evidence about an ancient cave painting surfaced, we tried to investigate.

In this video, we analyzed ten of the siren heads caught on camera. We aim to discover if they were genuinely spotted in real life. So, stay tuned. Our best pick looks pretty convincing.

Number 10: The Security Siren Head

This viral video shows a man trespassing into a restricted government area. He appeared as if he was searching for an important secret to uncover from the facility.

As he walked down the path, he saw traces of blood. At that point, he knew the mission was already looking scary with strange siren sounds oozing at a distance. He was about to leave when he saw the creature uphill. The siren head stood guard like it was meant to secure the facility. In no time, the explorer ran out of fear with an attempt at hiding. Unfortunately, the video ended before we could find out what happened afterward.

Although, he later made another video that evidenced him going back to search for his killer siren. So, we know that he didn't die in the first encounter.

However, watching the clip, the siren head he claimed to have found looks pretty convincing. The environment also fits the circumstance. But we can't take the word of one man to validate a possible hoax. Nah, not in this age of computer-generated imagery.

Number 9: The Knackered Siren Head

Another viral video supposedly meant to be an irrefutable proof about living siren heads was the one recorded in an unknown wilderness.

The clip claimed to show a siren head chasing after the cameraman as if it were old and drained of strength. It seems to have camouflaged behind one of the trees before being spotted by the man. And the chase must have begun shortly after.

Well, we can't deny the video of its excellent quality. But a lot of things didn't add up. For one, the camera looks too stable for someone running for his life. And then again, the video was considerably short. You can't make out anything from it.

In truth, the video presented a moving siren head. But to conclude that this was concrete evidence of its existence is way overstated. It's like saying that the mind flayer in "stranger things" was real.

Though our eyes want to believe what the video portrays, intuition and experience tell us otherwise. We vote that the video is false!

Number 8: The Local Siren Head

Most siren heads were sighted in forests, deserts, or any other abandoned places. But this video commends something more spectacular. Its siren head was spotted daytime in a suburb.

In the film, you'll see a man searching for a blaring noise haunting his neighborhood. And unsurprisingly, he confirmed that the strident sound was from the fabled siren head. You can see the creature moving past the windmill.

However, the video looks shady, considering how the cars passing the road nearby didn't react to the incoming danger. More so, it's quite evident from the long necks of the siren head that this video was overrated.

Although, according to Trevor Henderson, the horror cartoonist who inspired the siren heads, they are beasts with many species. None of them was ever described to have extremely long necks. The only parts of their body that he claimed to be long are their legs and arms.

To further discredit the clip, we discovered that it was part of the sequel released by Paranormal World's YouTube. A channel that has categorically admitted that none of his posts should be considered real. Therefore, the video is false!

Number 7: The Purge Style Siren Head

Siren heads are super man-eating villains. They're clever prowlers, perfect as horrifying stories for fans. But their viral trailblazers have begun to freak little kids out. So, we've got to be factual.

The video you see shows a siren head spotted on the streets at night. At first, the video looks pretty appealing. But a quick dose of common sense should hint you that only the boys knew of its presence.

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