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10 Things Americans Do That Confuse The REST OF THE WORLD!

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Everyone knows Americans do things a bit against the grain.
People of the Internet confess their more interesting habits...

1. Sugar and salt
"Americans have a tendency to dump salt on everything and use the sugar liberally. Most foreigners eat their cuisine and are...not enthused."

2. Driving
"Pretty much everywhere else, trains or public transportation get you from Point A to Point B. Not here! Americans rely solely on their own, or friend's transport. The exhaust fumes are amazing."

3. Graduations
"Should graduating be a thing? Why would you get a ceremony for something you should have done? I must admit, I did not go to my own graduation because I could not endure the thought of sitting through a six-hour ceremony."

4. Drinking
"If you are old enough to die for your country, you should be old enough to enjoy a cold one. Enough said. My Dad was drafted to Vietnam before he could have a drink with his buddies. Most civilized nations agree that a legal adult can enjoy a beer."

5. Ice
"The first time I left the country, I had no idea ice was not a common denominator. When I went south of the equator, I had to bring my own ice. I didn't even realize this was a thing. I do appreciate cold drinks, but this isn't global."

6. Teeth
"My dental hygiene game stays on point. I maxed out a credit card to get my teeth cleaned. This is not the way the rest of the world does it. Only in America does this cost $200! In some European nations, it is said that if you have a perfect smile, it can be off-putting to people."

7. Food
"Food should nourish the temple upon which it was built. Americans missed the memo that you don't eat junk and prosper. I am a firm proponent in nourishing the temple, but much of my country is not on par with me."

8. Water
"Perhaps one of the most appalling things is that Americans waste water by taking it out of a bottle. If there is absolutely nothing wrong with the tap, why would you not use a reusable container and refill? I must admit my bias, coming from Memphis, but our water is pristine."

9. Holidays
"Just ask us about paid maternity leave. Six weeks at best? And no father is involved in the making of this equation. This is only for the mother. We're obviously slacking here."

10. Taxes
"Americans put the actual price on the shelve as opposed to the cash register price. When you factor in tax, it is different which can be quite baffling to foreigners. You would think what you see is what you get, but apparently not."

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