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10 Years Old: AMD Phenom II 1090T CPU in 2020 - Benchmarks vs. Ryzen & Intel

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AMD's Phenom II series was extremely competitive, but also somewhat tragic: It was flanked by Nehalem and Sandy Bridge, and its follow-up was Bulldozer. We're revisiting the 1090T in 2020.
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There's a lot to talk about with the old AMD Phenom II CPUs. They're getting old enough now that some games won't even cooperate with them, mostly due to missing instruction sets, but it's still a good baseline for AMD's last good architecture prior to Zen. The Thuban CPUs (and Zosma CPUs) were competitive against Nehalem and the Intel Core i-series, but quickly were outmatched against Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs. This was the beginning of the downfall of AMD's CPU division over the ensuing 6 years, as Bulldozer supplanted Phenom and sometimes struggled to match even Phenom II performance, despite coming later. AMD's CPUs fell into a pattern of predictable refreshes -- one after another -- until the first generation of Ryzen CPUs came out in 2017. For that reason, the storyline of the Phenom II is interesting, because it was AMD's last good stronghold up until the new Core i-series Intel CPUs (of the time). Now, we can look at the Phenom II 1090T 6C/6T CPU versus Intel's new 10600K and 10900K (et al) and AMD's R7 3700X, R5 3600, R9 3900X, et al. We have one 3500X number in here too, just for a 6C/6T reference.


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00:00 - History of the AMD Phenom II CPUs
03:00 - Instruction Set Issues, Memory, & Bulldozer
05:45 - Old Game Performance (GTA V Phenom II Benchmarks)
07:56 - Hitman 2 Won't Even Run (SSSE3)
08:34 - Red Dead 2 Also Has Issues on the AMD 1090T
09:08 - Three Kingdoms Phenom II 1090T vs. 2020 CPUs
10:22 - F1 2019 CPU Benchmarks (1090T vs. 3700X, 10600K, etc)
12:36 - Tomb Raider CPU Benchmarks & Best Gaming CPUs
14:28 - Blender Cycles Render CPU Benchmarks & Best 3D CPUs
16:08 - Adobe Premiere Best CPUs for Video Editing & Rendering
17:50 - Chromium Compile Programming Benchmarks
18:26 - Power Consumption Benchmarks & Efficiency
19:59 - Conclusion: Phenom II 1090T vs. 2020

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Host, Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing, Additional Research: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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