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15 Reasons Why Your Relationship Sucks

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15 Reasons Why Your Relationship Sucks
15 Brutal Truths About Relationships:

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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
How do you know if it's time to end a relationship?
Do relationships last anymore?
Is it okay to be unhappy in a relationship?
Why do I not want a relationship?
What is a toxic relationship
Can someone leave you if they love you?
Why are so many relationships failing?
Why are relationships so fragile?
Why do relationships fail nowadays?
How do I break up with someone I love?
Can you fix a broken relationship?
When should you let go of a relationship?
Why does a guy not want a relationship?
What to do if you like a girl but don't want a relationship?
Is not ready for a relationship an excuse?
How do you know if a relationship is toxic?
How can you tell if your girlfriend really loves you?
Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?
Why do I fight a lot with my girlfriend?
What is a toxic girlfriend?
When guys break up with you suddenly?
Is it normal to not want to date?
Do you need a partner to be happy?
How do you tell a guy you don't want a relationship?
Why do most couples break up?
Why do relationships fail after a baby?
Why do most marriages fail?
What are the 4 types of relationships?
What are the 5 types of relationships?
What are examples of unhealthy relationships?
What is bad relationship?
What are red flags in a relationship?
What are signs of a toxic relationship?
What is a toxic girlfriend?
What is a toxic boyfriend?
What is a toxic trait?
Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?
What are good reasons to end a relationship?
What do men want in a relationship?
Which is the strongest relationship?
How do most relationships start?
What does a healthy relationship look like?

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - You are trying to control everything
01:46 - There’s no intimacy
02:28 - You aren’t on the same emotional level
03:34 - You don’t have enough in common
04:55 - You don’t make time for each other
05:48 - You are addicted to drama
06:58 - You have lost the trust
07:30 - You think the grass is always greener…with someone else
08:18 - You are too clingy
09:07 - You have Unrealistic expectations of your partner
09:57 - You have put up walls
10:45 - Jealousy is the third wheel
11:38 - You don’t want to accept change
12:18 - You need to talk more
13:06 - You have forgotten how good dating was
14:00 - Question

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