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168 AWS Services in 2 minutes

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Written and Performed by Forrest Brazeal.

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Full Lyrics:
There's MQ, EC2,
And RedShift and GameLift and Glue.
There's Lumberyard, Lightsail and Workdocs and Workmail, with Worklink and PrivateLink too.
Detective, Inspector, and Trusted Advisor, Cognito, Corretto, S3 -
Data Pipeline and DataSync, AppMesh and AppSync,
or you can use SimpleDB. But don't!
Appstream, Timestream, Augmented AI, Auto Scaling, Lambda, Amplify.
Ohh, DirectConnect or just Connect, Config and RDS -
These are the major services of AWS.
CLI, CDK, Textract, Lex, FSx and XRay.
SNS, STS, SQS, SES, EFS, do your best, it's okay.
There's Athena and Polly and Kendra and Macie. Alexa for Business, Cloud 9 --
And there's CodeBuild and CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeGuru, CodeStar, and Chatbot and Chime.

Translate, Transcribe, Transfer Family -
All the many Things of IoT.
Ohhh there's CloudFormation, Lake Formation, Free RTOS -
These are the major services of AWS.
Honeycode. Elemental. VMWare on AWS.
(This key change is brought to you by ... )
Comprehen-duh, Inferentia, Deep Learning, DeepRacer, DeepLens-uh
DeepComposer, Aurora, and old Cost Explorer to track your expanding expense-uh.
Service Catalog, Artifact, Quicksight, Device Farm and Workspaces, Glacier is cold,
RoboMaker, Sumerian, Kafka, Kinesis, Control Tower, Pinpoint, and Fargate, I'm told.

Rekognition, Fraud Detector's cool, Wavelength, Blockchain, Well-Architected Tool.
Though half of 'em start with "Amazon", for reasons we can't guess..
These are the major services of AWS.
Now it's time for Global Accelerator!!
VPC, ELB, And the database Route53.
Plus Compute Optimizer and Personalize or EventBridge and QLDB.
There's CloudSearch and CloudWatch and CloudMap and CloudFront and CloudTrail and CloudHSM
And there's Sagemaker, Step Functions, WAF, ACM, ECR, EMR, SAR, IAM -
Then there's Outposts and OpsWorks and Organizations and Snow, SSO, and AppFlow and Ground Station and DynamoDB and DocumentDB, and Neptune and Keyspaces, Shield and GuardDuty
There's the Managers and the Elastics and the Dashboards and the Hubs, I'm cheating now, we gotta wrap this up!
Greengrass, Forecast, tools and SDKs, Storage, Transit and API Gateways,
Yeah, there's Braket and Budgets and Backup and Batch, ECS, EKS, EBS -

For all intents and purposes,
These are the major services
(Til re:Invent throws us a curve, that is)

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