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what a year man.
i’ve never had such a fun filled yet hard year in my life.
i started making this video as i do most of mine, trying to make it happy, upbeat, and entertaining, but it didn’t feel right. 
this is supposed to be a representation of not only my year but a handful of my friends who i asked to share with me and now you some of their memories and videos from their past year. 
none of our years went perfectly smooth.
none of our years went without a few rough patches, without a few breakdowns and that’s okay! that’s life!
it might seem stupid but it’s real.
so to represent our year as a truthful whole, there is happy, sad, funny, and heavy hearted moments all wrapped up into three minutes and thirty eight seconds.

now a little bit about my year and what i’ve learned. (this is more for me then you, don’t feel obligated to read it)

i’ve gained some awesome new friendships, and lost a few too.
i’ve made mistakes, have some regrets, but also made some of the best decisions of my life.
i’ve learned a lot about myself and others.
i’ve come to know that everyone’s feelings are valid and shouldn’t be compared to your own.
i’ve learned that even though you always want to be, it’s okay not to be okay. 
and it’s okay to admit it and admit when you need help and to ask for it.
you can’t fix everything. even if you want to.
it’s alright when you don’t wanna follow the leader but rather make decisions for yourself.
being independent is way cool!
living on your own is so awesome yet so hard.
being yourself is always the way to go.
putting off laundry is never a good idea.
grocery shopping is not meant to be done when you are hungry. 
tik tok should not be a thing. 
you can always make more money but you can never make more memories. 
hometown friends will stay your friends if they are meant to. 
and with that, not all friendships were built to last.
effort is a two way street.
love for others isn’t real unless it’s unconditional.
and love should always be unconditional.
love all. serve all.
here’s to a pretty rad yet pretty shit past in 2019 and to all the new memories waiting to be made in 2020.
merry new year!

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