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#6 of the top 10 questions you need to ask your future social security disability representative.

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Every Thursday at 8pm EST, I will be live on YouTube grilling claimants with questions for their upcoming ALJ hearing. Just call 407-279-1754 and we will run questions together. First come, first serve, and please remember to use a pseudo name.

Want to be found disabled for Social Security Disability Insurance, or Supplemental Security Income? The largest collection of tutorial videos on how to win your fully favorable SSI and SSDI benefits exists right here:

Howdy guys, my name is Attorney Walter Rudolph Hnot, III. New Jersey born, MBA, JD, Master Mason and a tireless advocate for the homeless and low income who are seeking disability benefits. It's simple, if you are within the law's requirements for disability benefits, you get a check every month, and health insurance. No, it doesn't include a new iPhone, house or cool car, but, with your SSI/SSDI disability backpay, you can potentially get those things...with your own disability money :-). I created this channel because of how many crazy things I was hearing out in the general public on how this system works. I did library seminars, academia seminars, food truck seminars (which I prefer), etc...The online video platform is the best way to reach the majority of you guys. It is weird when clients of other big box firms take pictures with me outside the hearing office...weird for the big box firms :-). Just remember that you are a star, a beautiful human being in the cosmos, and that your life is worth your time. Keep fighting and pick a great local attorney for disability benefits. Don't forget to subscribe, like, comment, share and leave those 5 star reviews.

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Disability Resolution, P.A. ORLANDO LAW FIRM
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Disability Resolution, P.A. is a supplemental security income (SSI), social security disability insurance (SSDI), and adult child benefits (ACB) law firm that caters to children and adults who are seeking disability benefits/checks/Medicaid/Medicare. If you want a disability check for your severe impairments, please contact us for a free consultation.


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