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Best Top 10 Ways to Make MONEY at Home | How to Make Money in Quarantine 2020 | Lockdown edition

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1) Remote customer center service is one of the most posted job opportunities online.
Majority of these postings don’t require much of experience. So if you have good communication skills, high school diploma and some patience. If this sounds like something you’d be open to trying then simply hit up the google and look up “customer center service job” in your area. Now keep in mind the payment varies depending on the employer and the hours, but on the upside many of the opportunities are part time which is perfect as we are unsure of how long we may be in this situation.
2) A similar job posting is “Chat Agent”. This is basically that person who finally answers you after you have spent a while trying to talk to the automative chat box for hours. Given that most big companies are currently operating with huge delivery orders they are also in need of more chat agents to deal with all the customers waiting for their packages. This is a time- dependent job, so the longer hours you can do the more income you can expect and of course the bigger the operation the better the pay.
3) Talking about deliveries and all, how often have you wanted to purchase something and looked at the description to make sure the product is actually what you think it is. well that is done by copy-writters. So open your browser and look up “copywriting jobs” or “product description” jobs. This sure needs less communication skills and rather good typing skills. With so many product categories you could look for what you have good experience, so if you are an avid fashion shopper then look at your favorite shopping app and get some inspiration on what to write.
4) Another opportunity that is increasingly available is Transcription Writing. Incase you are not familiar with it, this job entails listening to audio recordings provided to you and then typing them out as official documents. This one is a great job to do remotely from home. Location would be of very little concern here, and all you would need is your laptop and a good pair of headphones. Many companies are still operating so there’s many opportunities available but keep in mind that each have their own regulations which may take some time to get used to but once you get some experience under your belt it just becomes easier and also you can expect a higher pay.
5) With new sites coming up everyday, they need evaluators. So if you are a high school graduate, with good general knowledge and like spending time look up anything and everything on the internet then look for “Web engine evaluation jobs”. This would basically mean you look at the results that a search engine provides when people use it to
search for keywords or topics. Of course it may be a time consuming job but at least you will
learn some interesting things along the way.
6) A similar occupation is content moderator. This is probably an easier job to find as there are
far more sites and blogs out these that are pumping out content on a daily basis who need moderators. Just like your social media platforms who control and review the content that users post, other sites too need to keep an eye on what is said and seen on their platforms. Having said that, each platform will come with their own restrictions and moderations, so if you think you can have an objective point of view and are a stickler for the rules then this might just be the thing for you.
7) If you miss the human communication and rather spend your time in a face to face vocation then may consider tutoring. Of course given the lockdown this would be more of screen to screen job, but with all these communication platforms available, this is your chance to teach others what you are good at, whether it is math or English or music you can make money tutoring online. And best of all it doesn’t even mater where in the world you are. Thanks to apps like Zoom or even Skype, you could simply teach math to a 5th grade student across the world.
8) Speaking of putting your knowledge to good use, if you are bilingual or at least fluent in any two languages then you could become a translator. Yes, of course there are professional translators who have been doing this for years and you may feel like you could not be up to par with them, but that’s okay. The professionals tend to work with bigger employers but there are still those smaller institutions and companies who could use a native Japanese speaker to help close their deals or look over their contract.
9) If you feel more ambitious then maybe you wanna look into Trading. There are many sites and apps out there that help beginners step into the world of stock market and trading.
10) Last but not least, put your clutter to use. Decluttr is an online marketplace for selling your old textbooks, electronics, cellphones and more without worrying about online auctions.

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