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ESG Investing and How Much Money is at Stake

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A company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices are going to be a very big deal going forward.

ESG and ESG Investing is here to stay and will only become a more dominant theme.

They’re a modern set of operating guidelines for companies that were established in the wake of the global shift towards the 2 biggest buzzwords today: sustainability and social responsibility.

Chasing big profits is one thing - but how often do you "feel good" about your investments.

Now is the rare time when you can be greedy and also green.

A recent poll found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of people think more positively of billionaires that stop investing in controversial industries.

Contrary to the old Wall Street movie from the 1980’s, greed is no longer good.

You have to do good to get greedy in the 2020’s.

On the surface, you might consider the rise of ESG and ESG investing to be a negative value proposition for companies.

After all, don’t things like environmental friendliness or competitive employee salaries cost the company more – which leads to weaker financial performance in the long run?

Not necessarily.

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