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Farming Simulator 19 - Map First Impression - Medicine Creek V1


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Description -


*Medicine Creek is a 4x map set from a real place in North Central Missouri
*USGS data was used to create the terrain
*The map features:
-Multi-terrain angle
-Dynamic Mud
-Corn Stalk and Beanstraw bales
-Large size round bales
-Seasons ready
-Seasons textures for every season
-Seasons GEO built into the map (all you need is the base seasons mod)
-Accurate land prices based on ground quality, structures, tillable acres, etc.
-Adjusted yields and prices for crops, fertilizers, etc. to reflect real-life as best the game would allow.
-Two purchaseable grain legs for storage away from your farm.
-Sleep triggers on the front porch of each house (the triggers can be a pain, but they are there).
-Three sellpoints (Laredo Grain, Chula COOP, Galt COOP) that buy/sell everything.
-ALL grain storage built into the map will only accept, CORN, SOYBEANS, WHEAT, and OATS. Placeables will need to be used for other crops.
-Roads are set up as purchaseable farmland for free so you can plow snow without owning all land.
-NO repair triggers on the map, you will need to use Toolbox mod or Repair Trailer.
-NO water triggers on the map, use placeables.
-Trees are meant to be realistic for the area, so they are dense, different sizes, and different types; this is not a forestry map.
-Cattle setups will accept corn stalk and soybean straw bales for bedding at their triggers.
-Cattle setups will accept soybeans, corn, and alfalfa as additional food types at their triggers.
-South farm bins will need to be filled using an auger aimed at the top of each bin. You will need a small auger to unload them as well.


*FS19_GSIGrainComplex - Grain leg at modern farm next to field 27
*Seed Pallets for Corn, Wheat, and Soybeans - The prices for these are adjusted to real-life (you can still use them for any seed type).
*FS19_Silageherstellung - Fermenting silos
*Augers - Loading and unloading of South Farm Bins

SUGGESTED MODS (For enhanced gameplay, not required) (a simple Google search will find them)

*FS19_RM_Seasons - Just need the base mod since the GEO is built into the map.
*FS19_SiloDisplays - There is no way to see what is in each individual bin unless you place these nearby. Pretty cool mod.
*FS19_PortableToolbox - Doesn't work in MP (I don't think) but great in SP. Repair trailer works in MP.
*FS19_UnitConvertLite - Converts things to bushels and acres. One of the best mods ever.
*FS19_StoreDeliveries - Can be used to deliver equipment and reset equipment anywhere on the map.
*FS19_additionalFieldInfo - Gives you a ton of information on each field as you are standing in it.

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