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Get It, Get It, Don't Lose It! 03/01/20 TOP MINISTRIES.

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In John 10:10 Jesus said the thief comes but to steal, kill and to destroy, but that He came to give us life, and life more abundantly.

One of the things the enemy makes periodic attempts to steal in your life, is your confidence. Satan wants you to be in a place of discouragement, where you end up backing off of the promises God has for your life and future.


1) Discouragement deprives of courage and hope, and is a result in the loss of confidence and enthusiasm.

2) Discouragement can progress from being mild, an barely noticeable where minor problems or pressures affect your emotions, and becoming strong discouragement where major things begin to affect and distort your spirit.

3) Disabling discouragement is where problems or pressures become overwhelming, draining you of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, and economic strength, with almost no desire, energy or ability to go on.

*Hebrews 10:35 says to not throw away your confidence. *1 John 5:14-15 tells us confidence in God is connected to us receiving answers to prayer.

… Discouragements { ROOT CAUSE } After prayer this morning, I heard two similar words that are totally intertwined with Discouragement. They were; 1. [Complexity] it's the action of being intricate.
2. [Complex] to make complicated or hard to understand.

At the base of every discouragement is a lie from satan producing fear, unbelief, doubt, rejection, bitterness, self-pity, shame, or condemnation.

The root cause is that we have put down our shield of faith somewhere along our journey and lost sight of God's ways, and our resources in Christ, making us receive the fiery darts of the evil one that are shot into our thoughts to paralyze us in our minds!

Listen closely; Discouragement, really does confirm our need for God! It's in that very moment where in our weakness God's strength can be made perfect. And in that very instance it establishes that I can do all things through Christ Who gives me the strength.

Our confidence is in Christ! It must come from Him, and we must protect (our Confidence) at ALL costs! AND If the lack of or complexities in your confidence has occurred and possibly creating a set back, realize, the set back is only temporary and a solution for victory is on the way! And in getting your confidence back, you must throw off ALL discouragement.


#1. Get rid of any guilt or shame in your life. You cannot allow satan to use past sins and failures to keep you down. Deal with it. Repent and confess your sins - your failures - your wrong choices too Yahweh Elohim, and receive the forgiveness and cleansing of Jesus Christ so that your conscience will be clean and clear.

#2. Now pick up the shield of faith so you can quench/stop every fiery assualt of satan. And accepting assurance in the word of God as your weapon! Reality Moment… “Truth dispels every lie!” When a lie comes - let truth destroy it!!! Speak, and confess the words of God! These are your resources of Jesus Christ being in you the hope of glory. And it is imperative you Speak God's words - let the words, the truths of God create the spiritual realities of the Kingdom for your life.

#3. Encourage your heart in the Lord. Find you a special place and time to be alone with God to fellowship, and commune with Him in prayer, private worship and studying and meditating in His Words. A place where you can hear His voice speak to you.

#4. Stay away from fearful negative people. Surround yourself with encouragers. Read biographies of great men and women of God that God used mightily, and see how they came through and out of times of discouragement to experience great victories.


Your confidence is coming back! Discouragement is leaving. Discouragement cannot survive in an atmosphere of faith and applying God's words too your life and being consistent in prayer! Accept that God has given us incredible resources in Jesus Christ to access all of God's resources. Remember; Nothing shall separate you from the love of God.

And Hold onto, You can do all things through Christ Who gives you strength. He is your confidence! Get back in the game. Get back in the race. Run the race of destiny set before you looking unto Jesus Christ, the Captain of your faith Who will help you finish the race!

You are a son/daughter of the Most High through Jesus Christ. Be confident in that awesome relationship!

#confidence #overcomingdiscouragement #faith

Having heard that discouragements are an act of complexities sent by satan to interfere with your strength, continue to safeguard your heart, your thoughts, your activities by consistently going too your special place to pray, to meditate on God's words and above ALL things avoid the very presence of evil, fear and faithlessness because those create spiritual, emotional death.

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