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If These Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!

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If These Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!

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If These Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!

Good thing that we all have access to cameras these days! Otherwise, a lot of people wouldn’t believe a lot of things that happen around us. Whether it’s a gopro, a professional video camcorder or just your phone camera, now you have a lot of options to document your everyday life and have proof of any extraordinary things that might happen around you. Today we’ll be looking at “things that you wouldn’t believe if they hadn’t been filmed.” We’ll go through a lot of fun and exciting videos of things that you don’t get to see everyday, but that they definitely happened and there are videos to prove it. Once you’re done watching this video, you will want to go out and keep your camera ready to record any cool events that might come your way!

The Lucky Fisherman

When this guy finally caught something on his net, he started to pull it back up. At first, it all seems like a regular catch. He pulls out one fish. Then, another one comes out, and then...another one until finally, he has a net so full that he almost loses his balance. At the end, there were so many fish inside the net that he had a hard time pulling the whole thing back up. But it seems like things ended well for this guy as he came back to the shore and the crowd cheered for his extraordinary accomplishment.

Dog Fight

Dog fights are quite common, but the one right here is very funny. It all happened while the police were trying to negotiate with an armed robbery suspect when suddenly, a small pug in the neighborhood picked a fight with the police dog at the scene. The pug is certainly little, but it’s not afraid to come face to face with the fierce and well trained police dog. Finally, the pug exits the scene and you can even see that some members of the police force followed him to make sure that he didn’t come back to mess with their canine friend.

Naughty Monkey

Alright the next video might be slightly disturbing, but before you watch it, I just want you to know ...the kid on this video is alright! He just suffered a few scratches. But what happened is that a monkey snatched a toddler off his bench and dragged him away. The innocent child was just hanging out with other kids when out of the sudden, this naughty monkey jumped on the kid and grabbed him. I wouldn’t like being that kid! And I’m sure the poor boy will want to stay away from monkeys from now on. The monkey on this video is part of a street performance group, which is a very popular thing on the streets of Indonesia, which is where this video was taken. It sounds like the kind of monkey no one would want to mess with.

The Friendly Beluga Whale

There are naughty animals, but there are other ones who are friendly and very helpful, like the beluga whale on this video. There was a woman watching the beluga whale when suddenly, she dropped her phone. Now, in this kind of event, you wouldn’t expect an animal to respond to this kind of call for help. However, the beluga whale dove in and grabbed the woman’s phone to bring it back to surface and return it to its owner. See? Not all animals out there are naughty, there are some helpful ones too.

The Tank Crash

You don’t really see tanks on the streets everyday, unless there’s something pretty serious happening in your city. So, when you spot one, since they’re not an everyday sight, you’re likely to pull out your phone and record. Like the people behind this video in Minsk, who pulled out their phones to record this impressive tank moving along the streets of the Belarusian capital. And I’m glad they were recording, otherwise we wouldn’t believe what happened next! The tank skidded and crashed on a traffic light in an epic way. Was he going too fast? Maybe. Other tanks passed him by afterwards and none of them had the same unlucky fate as this one.

The Survivor

I hear a lot about near death experiences, but I rarely get to watch videos of the moments when these people actually came face to face with death - like this man in China who was standing in traffic when out of the sudden, a huge construction crane smashes his car. By looking at the video, you could easily think that the guy was not meant to survive - but he did! A few seconds after the incident, you can see him jump out of the car. He was scared, that’s for sure. But I’m glad he’s alive to tell the story.

The Pine that was Struck by Lightning

I really don’t get why the people behind this video set up the camera the way they did, but it seems like they knew that something epic was about to happen.

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