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Mario Party 10 - All Free-for-All Minigames (Master Difficulty)

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This video shows all Free-for-All Minigames in Mario Party 10 for Nintendo Wii U. If you liked this video and want to see more from this game, please check out the playlist below. All minigames have time stamps listed below.

00:00 Cliffside Crisis
00:50 Fruit Cahoots
02:36 Fruit of the Doom
03:23 Soar to Score
05:12 Dice 'n' Dash
05:44 Paintball Battle
06:31 Cheep Cheep Leap
07:19 Bouncy Brawl
07:53 Rapid River Race
08:44 Magma Meltdown
09:28 Bob-omb Bogey
10:26 Goomba Gallop
11:45 Flash Forward
12:20 Meanie Match
14:56 Shy Guy Shuffle
16:20 Spiked Ball Scramble
17:29 Snake Block Party
18:30 Peepa Panic
19:46 Fuzzy Fliers
20:53 Balance Ball Brawl
21:38 Bob-omb Combo
23:07 Fruit Scoot Scurry
23:54 Goomba Gotcha
24:48 Foo Me Once
25:40 Beeline Shrine
26:30 Found it? Pound it!
27:17 Platform Push
27:51 Pipe Sniper
28:42 Balloon Blast Bash
29:25 Blooper Blastoff
29:59 Ice Slide, You Slide
30:57 Badminton Bash
36:21 Jewel Drop

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