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Mr Queen explained in hindi / Episode 5 / Korean drama explained in hindi

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Episode 5 :-

Mr. Queen

Also known as
Queen Cheorin
Romantic Comedy
Body swap
Created by
Studio Dragon
Jang cheol Kyo

Kim Young-gyu
Based on
Go Princess Go
by Xian Chen
Go Princess Go
by Qin Shuang and Shang Menglu[1]
Written by
Park Gye-ok
Choi Ah-il
Directed by
Yoon Sung-sik
Shin Hye-sun
Kim Jung-hyun
Bae Jong-ok
Kim Tae Woo
Seol In-ah
Na In-woo
Country of origin
South Korea
Original language
No. of episodes
20 (list of episodes)

Synopsis :-

In the modern age, Jang Bong-hwan (Choi Jin-hyuk) is a chef who works for the country's top politicians at the Blue House. He has a free spirit, but he one day finds himself in the body of Queen Cheorin (Shin Hye-sun) in the Joseon period. King Cheoljong (Kim Jung-hyun), the reigning monarch, is a gentle and easy-going person. However, he is only king in name. Queen Sunwon (Bae Jong-ok), the late King Sunjo's wife, wields true power in the country and has relegated King Cheoljong to a figurehead. Her ambitious younger brother, Kim Jwa-geun (Kim Tae-woo), also desires power. Queen Cheorin soon discovers that King Cheoljong is not what he seems, and that he has a dark and suspicious side to him.[8


Shin Hye-sun as Kim So-yong, Queen Cheorin
Seo Eun-sol as young Kim So-yong
She is the 25th queen of the Joseon Dynasty who has the soul of a man in her body.[9] She uses her skills from her other body, Jang Bong-hwan, to bring modern delicacies back in time to get the favour of the Grand Queen Dowager. Everyone says that she has a peculiar behavior because she speaks using the modern Korean slang which involves words that the people in the Joseon era do not understand.

Kim Jung-hyun as Lee Won-beom, King Cheoljong
Kim Kang-hoon as young Lee Won-beom
He is the 25th king of the Joseon Dynasty, with a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality and has many secrets. He seems like a figurehead, who is gentle and easygoing. In fact, he hides his strong aspects. He is afraid of dying without doing anything for the citizens, as an ineffective king, as others wish. So, he secretly prepares for reforms. He is a man who is determined to restore justice in the palace and he also cares about the health of his citizens. He also wishes not to be used by the Grand Queen Dowager as a puppet king anymore.

Supporting :-

People around Queen Cheorin Edit
Cha Chung-hwa [ko] as Court Lady Choi
She is a Sanggung and Queen Cheorin's lady-in-waiting. She is known for her constant nagging on Kim So-yong, Queen Cheorin, and she develops feelings for Royal Chef Man Bok. She is devoted to the Queen and is willing to risk her life to protect the Queen.
Chae Seo-eun as Hong Yeon
She is Queen Cheorin's loyal maid who served her since they were kids. Like Court Lady Choi, she is devoted to the Queen and is also willing to risk her life to protect the Queen. She has feelings for Hong Byeolgam.
People around King Cheoljong Edit
Yoo Min-kyu as Prince Yeongpyeong[10]
He is King Cheoljong's older half-brother. As a royal guard, he guards the king's bed chamber. He secretly has feelings for Jo Hwa-jin.
Lee Jae-won [ko] as Byeolgam Hong
He is King Cheoljong's friend from his Ganghwa-do days. Hong-yeon has a crush on him
Andong Kim Clan Edit
Bae Jong-ok as Queen Sunwon / Grand Queen Dowager Myeonggung
She is the late King Sunjo’s wife and Cheoljong's grandmother. She wields the true power in the country and, thus, relegates King Cheoljong to being just a figurehead. She is willing to do anything for power, even if it means getting rid of Queen Cheorin by poisoning her.

kishu tales,

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