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Services Preparatory Institute (SPI) Aurangabad is one of the best preparatory institutes of India.

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Why SPI?
SPI stands for Services Preparatory Institute. It is an Institution established by the Government of Maharashtra in 1977 with the stated aim of putting Maharashtra into the National Defence Academy. It is a two year course for boys who are selected after a state wide entrance exam. Boys who are in the Tenth class & meet the laid down age criteria are eligible to appear for the entrance exam.
What does the SPI give the young boys?
It not only prepares them for the selection process for the National Defence Academy, it also gives them a sense of pride and elan. It gives them that intangible & indefinable quality called leadership ability. In its 44 year history the SPI has given the nation leaders in all spheres of human endeavour. There are more than 600 military leaders till date and the numbers keep growing. At SPI, a 14 – 15 year old boy undergoes a real transformation in the next two years or so. Not only he learns to be by himself but also to take the team along ! After all that is what leaders are for. There are no separate classes on leadership at SPI, but the varied routine itself makes them leaders, this fact has been proved by the alumni of the SPI across the world, from the various defence academies like NDA, INA, OTA or AFA, on the battlefield as well as in the corporate world. Yes, though all cadets of the SPI aspire and aim to be military leaders, all do not join the Armed Forces. Alumnis of the SPI have been rendering yeoman service in diverse fields.
Joining Services Preparatory Institute (SPI) Aurangabad gives many advantages. Various advantages of joining SPI Aurangabad can be summarized as follows:
1. The selection process of SPI Aurangabad ensures that ‘THE BEST’ gets a chance to join SPI. Once a student joins SPI, he studies and learns with the finest students from Maharashtra.
2. SPI Aurangabad is run by the Govt of Maharashtra. SPI is not a profit making organization so fees is charged only as per the actual expenditure incurred by the students.
3. SPI is managed exclusively by the armed forces officers and staff as per the military ethos and values. The students get right environment to nurture and grow.
4. Training for Excellence. (a) Training at SPI Aurangabad ensures that along with CBSE board studies, a student’s overall personality development also takes place. (b) Extensive class room teaching is conducted for CBSE 11th , 12th and UPSC NDA exam.
5. Campus Facilities.
(a) Being a residential academy, Hostel accommodation and other facilities are provided.
(b) A common mess is available for all cadets.
(c) Computer lab.
6. Drill and Parade inculcate discipline and improves the bearing .
7. Indoor and Outdoor Games. Cadets are encouraged to play various indoor and outdoor games. Even those who are not used to playing games earlier, learn and enjoy the team games once they join the SPI. T
he following games are played at SPI Aurangabad :
(a) Table Tennis.
(b) Boxing.
(c) Foot ball.
(d) Hockey.
(e) Basket ball.
8. Physical Fitness - Exercising in Gymnasium helps the cadets to build strength.
9. Training for SSB Interview - Routine at SPI Aurangabad grooms a candidate for SSB Interview also. However, formal training for SSB interview is also imparted immediately after declaration of the results of NDA written exam.
(a) Group Tasks - Actual models of various group tasks are available for SSB Interview preparations in SPI.
(b) Rope Exercises - Rope Exercises are part of SSB interview training.
(c) Individual Obstacle Course for SSB Interview - Regular practice on individual obstacle course gives an upper edge to SPI cadets during SSB interview.
10. Cultural Activities at SPI Aurangabad - The cultural activities give an opportunity for recreation and show of talent.
11. Adventure Activities - Adventure activities like Cycling expeditions, trekking etc help to inculcate the spirit of adventure.
12. Green Campus - Pollution free SPI campus bestows healthy environment.
13. Strong Alumni Support - SPI has a strong alumni base and alumni support.
14. Lifetime Change - Two years stay in SPI Aurangabad guarantees a lifetime change .
15. Top Results - Due to consistent top results, SPI Aurangabad is one of the best residential institutes of our country for joining the National Defence Academy (NDA) , Naval Academy (NA) or other Armed Forces Academies.
16. Medial Coverage - SPI Aurangabad remains in the limelight of local and national level media due to best performance at all India level.
17. SPI cadets have left their mark in diverse fields ranging from Civil Services to medical, engineering, banking, tourism and entrepreneurship. Services Preparatory Institute (SPI) Aurangabad has a strong alumni network across the globe.
18. 'One of it's Kind Academy - SPI Aurangabad is 'One of it's Kind' academy in India and continues to attract the best talent from Maharashtra State.
So go ahead and register your son for the next SPI Aurangabad entrance examination

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