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The Ending Of Birds Of Prey Explained

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Now that the movie's in theaters, Birds of Prey fans can finally dig into the film's massive ensemble, twisted set pieces, and inventive action. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss all the plot developments or know where everyone stands by the end. We're here to help.

Birds of Prey's subtitle touts the film as the story of Harley Quinn's "fantabulous emancipation," and it is. Harley starts the film as an emotional wreck prone to binge drinking, crying jags, and blowing up chemical plants. That all changes when she gains a chance to earn her freedom from her bad reputation and bonds with the rest of the Birds of Prey team. By the end of the film, she's got a new protege in Cassandra Cain, a new probably-not-legal business and a new reputation as someone who can get things done.

But the grenade-explosion death of Roman Sionis doesn't necessarily mean all of Harley's trouble is about to go away. She used to roll with the Joker, after all, and no matter how far she gets from that relationship there's someone, somewhere, looking to cause her pain for her past sins. Harley is smart enough to know this, and she'll no doubt be looking over her shoulder for the next great threat.

When we first meet Cassandra Cain, she's a low-level pickpocket who wanders the streets of Gotham trying to avoid going back to the crappy apartment where her parents are constantly fighting. Over the course of the film, she goes on a massive adventure, becomes the focus of a citywide scavenger hunt, and finds a new big sister figure in the form of Harley Quinn.

Cassandra's got a whole new life ahead of her as Harley's protege. What does she do now? The possibilities seem endless, considering who she's hanging out with, but one path seems very likely. Yes, the film version of Cassandra is very different from the comics, but we do know that comics Cassandra took on the role of Batgirl for a while. It would take a few years and a little training, but perhaps movie Cassandra could also pull that off.
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Independent Harley | 0:17
Cassandra's next steps | 1:07
Montoya drops the cops | 1:49
Black Canary's gifts | 2:36
Huntress's new family | 3:15
Underworld power vacuum | 4:06
Harley and Bruce? | 4:55

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