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These Are 10 Laziest Dog Breeds

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These Are 10 Laziest Dog Breeds

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It’s really not a secret that dogs are great, I mean, that is why you’re here but it’s also not a secret that
for every dog owner, temperament is important. If you’re the kind that loves to lie around all day and be
a couch potato, (hey, not judging), you probably wouldn’t want a super high-energy dog bouncing off
your walls and chairs and tables. So what dogs are the laziest of the laziest around?
Hi there! This 100M and in this video, we’re going to be looking at the laziest dogs in the world. Make
sure to look out for the huge dog at number 2 whose lazy temperament would shock you in comparison
to its size. And here is a disclaimer, these dogs are lazy but it does not mean they don’t need their
exercise. A walk and a little running around is pretty important too.
Let’s get this pawsome show on the road!


Tibetan Spaniels are not typically lazy because they are active and alert with their small but agile bodies.
They have a blunt muzzle and big expressive eyes and are distinctly Tibetan. Now, you might be
wondering why they’re called Spaniels when they are, in fact, not spaniels. Well, we can’t really say.
Things get named weirdly all the time, just ask the pleasing fungus beetle.
These doggos look more like the more commonly known Asian breeds like Lhasas, Pugs, and Pekes.
Naturally born lap dogs, these ancient breeds are happiest when in cool, indoor spaces or while napping
at your feet. Plus, their small size means they can feel comfortable in just about any space.
Tibbies, as they are affectionately called, don’t require a lot of care and grooming but they have long
hair that needs to be brushed at least once or twice in a week so they don’t shed excessively. They might
be a bit yappy but nothing compared to more conversational dogs like Huskies. All they need is a little
exercise like a daily walk to remain healthy and not much else. What more could you ask for? It’s quiet,
lazy, and does not need constant obsessive grooming. The perfect apartment dog if you ask.

#9 Chow Chow

Now, this is a furrific delight that anyone would absolutely love. With its distinct unmistakable Chinese
appearance, this dog is best known for its unique blue and sometimes black tongue. Affectionately

called Chows, this breed is a powerful, compactly built dog that stands a tall as 20 inches at the
Besides its characteristic black or blue tongue, its other distinctive trait is the voluminous ruff around its
heads and shoulders which look like the mane of a lion. Other traits may include their deep-set almond
eyes and their ever-scowling snobbish expression. They might look a tad bit arrogant and honestly, I
think you would be too if you looked the way they did.
These four-legged cuties are said to be one of the cleanest dogs and housebreak easily and ease into the
apartment or quiet life effortlessly. They have little to no doggy smell and are hardly ever fierce. Dignity
is always the word for the day for these guys. They are sometimes described as being cat-like because
they would pretty much prefer to sit in a serene setting in their doggy beds or your couch, happily taking
everything around them all in. Now that is the kind of lazy and cute everyone needs.


The Boston terrier is one dog that always aims to impress with its impeccable manners. A short square-
bodied breed, the Boston terrier has earned the nickname, "the American gentleman" for being the
polite and well-balanced dogs that they are.
Boston terriers are also known for the signature style of their costs which looks like a tuxedo. Their
tuxedo-style coats usually come in different colors but mainly white and black, seal, or sometimes
brindle. These woofers are playful when they want. They are not the hyperactive kind and require little
to no grooming because of their short-haired coats.
Similar to the Bulldog, the Boston Terrier is a short, compact dog that’s friendly and easy to train.
Indoors they stay pretty inactive, releasing all their energy outside during their short daily walks. Their
small size also makes them perfect for tiny studio apartments. Your Boston Terrier might be a curious
smart little thing but when it really comes down to it, they’d rather just spend the day snoozing in a
corner or lounging around with you.


The Bull Mastiff sounds a lot like another breed you might be familiar with: the mastiff. Now if you know
anything about Mastiffs, you know how ferocious they can be but their cousins the bullmastiffs are
much higher on the laziness spectrum. Bullmastiffs are often referred to as silent watchdogs.

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