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Top 10 Best-Selling Smartphone Companies in the World 2000-2019

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Top 10 Best-Selling Smartphone Companies in the World (2000 2019


Learn about the best-selling companies for smartphones
The smart phone sector witnessed a significant increase in the number of devices that were sold during the year 2018, as major companies specialized in manufacturing mobile phones managed to achieve record numbers in the number of parts that were sold during this year, and that is due to the great demand that the global market knows in terms of devices The smart phone, so we will get to know through this video the numbers on the top 10 companies making phones around the world, as well as the number of parts that were sold by these companies during the year 2018 and the best-selling phones in the world, as well as statistics of the market value of the first three companies, with a net profit margin Each company is free, so competition has reached its course between a group of smart phone manufacturers, and the emergence of Chinese companies since the beginning of the second decade of this century has contributed to a quality boom in the smart phone industry, as the Chinese giant Huawei enables Huawei to extend its control over the smartphone market. At the global level, and threatening the major companies that were and still are at the top of the smartphone market in the world, such as Apple of America and Samsung, South Korea, this is an addition. To other mobile companies that are not underestimated, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, Vivo, and other companies whose products have begun to invade global markets, which have become classified as such as the largest companies selling phones in the world, and the best phone manufacturers around the world that It is attested to by the quality of their products. These smart phone manufacturers have become in recent years pursuing a selective policy, so that they concentrate their activities in the mobile industry in certain regions of the world, and target regions such as Africa, Asia and South America, and strive to control the markets in these regions, and that is about By building its factories there, while raising the production ceiling and marketing types of smart phones that have a low price and at the same time have reasonable quality, that is, they produce the best phones with high specifications and a cheap price. This economic plan enabled these companies to be classified as the best phone manufacturing companies around the world. .
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