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Top 10 BIGGEST Companies In Europe 2020

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Here are the TOP 10 BIGGEST COMPANIES IN EUROPE 2020! Especially the top 3 are CRAZY RICH!

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You probably know about the unbelievably rich Apple, Amazon and Google, but what are the biggest European companies? With the Swiss medicine companies, the French fashion and cosmetics companies and the German automotive giants, what are the top 10 biggest European companies 2020? Keep watching to find out!

This video is about the top 10 biggest European companies 2020 by market capitalization. The market capitalizations are all taken as of the 23rd of October 2020. As a short explanation, market capitalization is the price of one stock multiplied with the number of stocks. This means, if you wanted to buy the entire company, you would need to pay exactly the value of the market capitalization. At the end of the video we will include a neat graph that compares the top 10 biggest European companies 2020, so make sure to keep watching until then!

Top 10 BIGGEST Companies In Europe 2020

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