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Top 10 Dead Heroes WE NEED To Face Shigaraki! - My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia has a few more Dead Pro Heroes. In Boku no Hero Academia Manga Chapter 272, Tomura Shigaraki went plus ultra decay and leveled a city, destroying everything... and everyone, in his path. Today we look at the Top 10 dead heroes such as Snatch, Sir Nighteye, as well as people like X-Less and Thirteen who were just wiped out by Shigaraki, and theorize, what if they were still alive? What dead pro heroes do we need to beat Shigaraki. We also take a look at some other heroes and villains who may still be alive, but are otherwise not available. Could Stain, Chisaki, or even Oboro Shirakumo face Shigaraki?

Which Heroes or Villains would you bring back? Comment below!

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