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Top 10 Euro Board Games (Specifically Economic Focused)

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I love euro games. I love party games. Ameritrash. Really a lot of different categories. But that's not the point....this is a list of my top 10 euro games, but specifically those with an economic engine. These are all games I love. Absolutely love. They let you build, grow, develop, increase, all those kinds of words. Basically they let you do stuff, while juggling other stuff, in order to get stuff, that will help you win. How you best manage the stuff while getting other stuff and being more efficient with your stuff, enables you to do well in these games. So I guess this is a list of stuff.

0:00:00 - Introduction & List Criteria
0:00:51 - Everdell
0:02:40 - Food Chain Magnate
0:04:45 - Brass: Lancashire
0:06:10 - The Castles of Burgundy
0:08:08 - Terraforming Mars
0:10:46 - Le Havre
0:12:13 - Bruges
0:14:10 - Coimbra
0:15:35 - Troyes
0:19:24 - Concordia
0:21:57 - Last Light
0:22:41 - Closing

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