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Top 10 Minecraft PE Shaders - 2020 [Best MCPE Shaders]

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Title: Top 10 Minecraft PE Shaders - 2020 [Best MCPE Shaders] • Ultra Realistic & No Lag Shaders

► Greetings. In this video, I showcased the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Shaders specifically the Top 10 Best MCPE Shaders of the year 2020. These Minecraft PE Shaders for 1.16 or above will work on Android/iOS devices. Sadly these shaders are not for Windows 10, Xbox, PS5 and Switch. I showcased some mcpe no lag Shaders as well and some shaders have lower versions. So you should definitely try these out even if you're on a low end device!

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Cinematic Review 00:00
Best Part Of The Video 2:15
CSPE Shaders 2:37
Bicubic Shaders 3:45
ESTN Shaders 4:19
OSBES Shaders 4:58
YSSBE Shaders 5:46
Kamii Shaders 6:19
ISPE Shaders 7:04
Vert Shaders 7:27
VExZE Shaders 8:10
HSPE Shaders 9:15
Honourable Mention 9:34
Hyra Shaders 9:37
Zaifa Shaders 9:49
UGSPE Shaders 9:58
Synthwave Shaders 10:03
Expressing Gratitude 10:11
Ending 10:30

• Hey there, downloads are right below this text. I know this is shameless but I really want you to watch the full video or at least the cinematic review even if it's just out of pity. This video took a while to make and I really hope you like it. It still depends on you and I sincerely hope you enjoyed the video!


• Creeper Shaders PE | CSPE Shaders -
v0.30 magic:

CSPE 2.0.0: Não.
CSPE Real: Negative.

• Bicubic Shaders PE -

• ESTN Overhaul Shaders -

• OSBES Shaders PE -

• YSSBE Shaders PE -

• Kamii Shaders PE -

• ISPE Shaders -

• Vert Shaders PE -

• VExZE Shaders PE [Vert X Zebra Shaders] -

• HSPE Shaders -

[Honourable Mentions]

• Hyra Shaders -

• Ultra Graphics Shaders PE -

• Synthwave Shaders PE -

• Zaifa Shaders PE -



► Useful Videos: -

✓How to Install MCPE Shaders | Easy Tutorial | Step By Step:

✓Minecraft Java Shader & Java Edition on Android:

► Special Thanks To The Creators For Making These Beautiful Shaders Throughout The Year!

@eldeston • ESTN
@bamboo_sapling • Bicubic
@Jebbyk • OSBES
@qd_uou_bp • Kamii
@Technical GD • ISPE
@KK 3310 • Vert / VExZE
@HyraZero • VExZE / Hyra
@Miracle100KS • HSPE
@DimasAdiyaksa2 • UGSPE
@Hamzar212 • Retro Shader
@N00b_coder • Zaifa

Thank you all so much for all the love and support you had given me in 2020. The year has honestly been rough for all of us but it was the best year of my whole YouTube career. I can not thank you enough. I will try to improve my videos and make the channel better than ever in 2021. See you in the next one!

♬Music Credits:♬

♬Biscuit | prod. by lukrembo:

#mcpeshaders #minecraftshaders #mcpe


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