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Top-10 Special build Cars Of Motorsport In Finland 2020 By JPeltsi

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Season 2020 was quite different. Poor winter and very late started summer-season gave lot of time to build special and weird machines. Here's top-10 of 2020 specialities seen in Finland 2020 from Rally, Rally sprint and Jokkis. More info about cars below!

10. Subaru Justy
Subaru Justy with Honda CBR 1000 Motorbike engine, this tiny 4wd rally machine was seen at Kaasujalka ralli 29.2.2020

9. Volvo 245
Volvo 245 with modified chassis. Jokamiesluokka (Jokkis, Finnish folkrace) rules give possibility to modify chassis. This kind of modification needs lot of effort but it gives advance for the start compared to regular rear wheel drive cars. Weight distribution is better, for examble many cases driver seat is almost over the rear axel. Filmed at Inkeroisten Maastoajot 4.7.2020

8. Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8 is not often seen at gravel rally, with original one of it's kind wankel engine. Filmed at Ikaalisten Harrasteralli 8.8.2020

7. Peugeot 205
Peugeot 205 with motorbike engine, unfortunately I don't know what engine there was but it sounded really neat. Technical problems ended rally after one and a half stages. Filmed at Piippola rally 4.1.2020.

6. Mercedes-Benz
This Mercedes was seen at rally sprints and rallyes during 2020, looks like it's not the easiest car to drive but definitely something different. Filmed at JSH-Kuljetus rallisprint 29.8.2020

5. Volkswagen Polo
This Polo was modified from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive and also location of axels was changed. Very similar build than Volvo seen on this list earlier but changed to FWD to RWD. Filmed at Xmeal rallisprint 10.10.2020

4. Opel Manta
Novadays you don't see Opel manta's very often at Finnish rallyes. But when you combine Manta rallycar and BMW engine, then we get something ultra rare. Last corner of Saarijärvi rally sprint was too tight and now there's plenty of work for off-season. I really hope we will see this combo on stages next year too! Filmed at Nivalan Kapinaralli 15.8.2020 and Xmeal rallysprint 10.10.202

3. Peugeot 106
You may have seen this peugeot in the past at Rokkiralli clips but this year it wa also at rally sprint. Combination of tiny French car and V8 engine is quite interesting. When raced at rokkiralli there was Audi engine, I believe there's still the same setup. Filmed at Satamalan Ympäristöpalvelut rallisprint 20.9.2020 and Xmeal rallysprint 10.10.202

2. Peugeot 106
Uhm... I don't know what to say. Something completely different than previous position, Tiny french car and even tinier engine. Engine is from Wartburg 353 and it's two stroke. It may have been the slowest car at Saarijärvi sprint (06:12 when fastest 2WD time was03:33 (BMW M3)) but it was something unique.

1. Renault Clio
All french top-3, eventhough there's no French engines. This one is with Hayabusa motorbike engine. There was two other motorbike powered cars on this list but this one's seems to be most complete package at the moment. Handles as well as this kind of combo can and sounds great! Filmed at JSH-Kuljetus rallisprint 29.8.2020 and Satamalan Ympäristöpalvelut rallisprint 20.9.2020

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