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Top 10 Weird CAT BEHAVIORS Explained

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Top 10 Weird CAT BEHAVIORS Explained
Cats as any other animal have their own unique behaviors they use to interact with us, other animals, and their environment in general.
Since we don’t speak cat language, it can be hard to tell exactly what our kitties imply with certain gestures. So in today’s video, we’ll be looking at some of these behaviors that have been giving you a hard time and what they mean.
Here we go.
#10 Covering Poop
Covering their stuff after finishing their business is probably one of the most popular cat behaviors. Is it an obsession with cleanliness or is there another use for this? Turns out there is.
While it’s part of a cat’s instincts, covering poop is more reinforced by the mom as she takes care of her kittens. And it serves an important purpose out there in the wild.
In the jungle, cats use urine and poop to mark territory. This is only possible because while the two smell the same to us, cats can differentiate between their own waste and that of another feline. This unique smell serves to warn potential competitors to stay away. That’s for the big cats like lions, jaguars, and tigers.
But for the smaller guys like the domestic cat, marking territory in such a way wouldn't be in their best interest. The scent will only invite the big boys who will feel challenged. That’s definitely not a situation a small cat would want to get into.
So covering up their waste helps them stay on the safe side as far competition with the bigger predators in the jungle is concerned.
Domestic cats extend this precaution to the homes just in case there is a more formidable prey to pick the scent of their waste.
#9 Rolling
When a cat rolls right in front of you, it means that you’ve earned its trust. Cats don’t just roll over with reckless abandon. They’re very specific about it for their own safety.
By rolling over, they’re exposing the belly which is their most vulnerable part. So the gesture is reserved for those moments when they feel most safe or around someone they can fully trust. Seeing your cat rollover is proof that you’re an incredible parent.
But the behavior could mean a different thing altogether. It could be the cat’s way of marking territory by spreading scent on the floor or on your feet. This is a larger part of how cats communicate. The scent warns other cats if any to back off from that area.
Another reason why cats rollover is for attention. You might want to consider spending some more time with your kitty if you see him do this often. He might reward you with a few more roles.
#8 Curling Up In Small Spaces
Cats love sleep. They have lots of it. But have you ever noticed where they decide to catch this sleep most of the time? Certainly not just anywhere – at least for a larger part.
They have this liking for very small spaces like small boxes and grocery bags despite the numerous spacious spaces around the house. Why is this so?
It’s all about security. Small spaces make kitties feel more secure as opposed to just napping away on a vast bed or couch. A small space like a box means the cat is in contact with most parts and can, therefore, feel at ease knowing that he won’t get attacked from any direction.
It’s an instinct actually. While cats have been domesticated for thousands of years now, they still retain some of the survival tactics that would have been pivotal for their survival out in the wild. And this is one of them. Out there, they’ll go for secluded spots rather than just hanging out in the open.
And the behavior is quite ingrained. According to recent research, giving boxes to shelter cats accelerates their adjustment into their new environment.
#7 Presenting Their Butt
Of all cat behaviors, this probably one of the most unflattering but is always intended to upset? Behaviorists say no.
As with most of the cat’s mannerisms, your kitty stuffing his butt in your face is an invitation to indulge in his scent by sniffing it. And you can bet that scent is pretty strong there. Usually, cats do this with other cats they’re familiar with and can, therefore, trust much like kissing and hugging in humans.
So while the whole idea might not be so inviting to you, it’s actually a compliment to you. Of course, you don't have to sniff it. You can just give your feline friend a nice scratch where he likes most to acknowledge the not-so-wonderful gesture; although that would be positive reinforcement for more butt presentations in the future.
But that’s something you can live with, right?

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