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Unpopular Opinions About The MCU That Raise Good Points

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There are some MCU opinions that go decidedly against the grain ... and make some truly decent points in doing so. We're here to give those unpopular points of view their due even if we balk at them at first glance.

The Hulk's powers are very cool, especially their exponential nature. Historically, the Hulk's degree of strength is proportional with his anger. There are more than a few comic storylines in which fighting makes him angrier, which makes him stronger, which makes his opponent escalate, which makes him even angrier. He's a perpetual motion machine of brute force, with no apparent upper limit of ability.

But the MCU consistently keeps him from being the most powerful brawler of them all. In the wake of Infinity War, one thinks of Thor before they think of Hulk when it comes to the best brawlers. It's not just that Hulk's full strength hasn't been unleashed in a while, though. Instead, it's that he hasn't gotten a major set piece since Thor: Ragnarok. Fortunately, becoming Professor Hulk doesn't have to mean he's retired from being an unstoppable golem of blind fury. In fact, it might even drive that point home a little better! Banner put his brain in "the other guy," and yet he's still capable of being absolutely overwhelmed with rage. That's how strong the Hulk's powers are! Get to it, Marvel. As it stands, the Hulk just doesn't feel all that incredible.

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Captain America was wrong | 14:23

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