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10 Children With Real Superpowers

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10 Children With Real Superpowers

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Humans haven’t achieved the ability to sprout aluminum claws from their knuckles or shoot laser
from their eyes YET, as far as we know. But some of the superpowers portrayed in comics and
movies aren’t too farfetched. From night vision to real-life phoenix, here are 10 children with
superpowers that will make you wish you were born different.
Number 10.) Nong Youhui - Night vision
It seems like a good boy has been eating his carrots. A young kid named Nong Youhui from
China has the most beautiful cat blue eyes. We compare them to a cat because his eyes turn
green when light is reflected off them, just like that of a cat’s. That isn’t the only amazing ability
he shares with the creature though; he also has the superpower of night vision, which literally
makes him a mutant. He shouldn’t have any problem with SWAT recruitment. The footage of
Nong and his strange-looking eyes originally surfaced in 2009 when his father took him to the
hospital because he was worried about his eyes. We get why he was worried; Nong’s parents
have dark blue eyes and so did their parents before them so they expected the kid to share the
same eye color. But the doctors told him not to worry because his eyes were completely fine.
Nong Youhui has an extremely good vision that helps him see even when there is very little
light. But when the sun is out, he has some problem as the eyes are a little sensitive to light due
to a lack of special cells at the back of the eye. we have to say, a little sensitivity for night vision
is a pretty good trade-off.
Number 9. Broc Brown - giganta

Has anyone noticed that kids are growing up too fast these days? One day these toddlers are
crawling around and pooping everywhere, the next they are off to college. But a guy from
Michigan has a totally different story to tell. Broc Brown was a cute little baby when he was
born. Not too little, though. Broc is a real-life giganta. We know, we know Giganta is a female,
but Broc definitely shares her ability. His mom noticed that her son was different from everyone
around him because he was growing at a much faster rate compared to kids his age. In
kindergarten, he was over five-feet-tall! He was so big that his mother developed back problems
from carrying him. He was officially the largest teen in the world before the title was stripped off
when he turned 19. Aged 23 years old, Broc is at an astonishing height of 7 feet 10 inches, and
still growing. He has Sotos Syndrome, also known as cerebral gigantism, which affects about
one in every 15,000 people. Doctors have said he should have a normal life span, but no one is
sure when he'll stop growing. Hopefully, after breaking the world’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen’s
record, who is 8 feet and 2 inches.
Number 8.) Nikolai Kryaglyachenko – Mini Magneto
You must have heard about the superheroes that got their superpowers after experiencing a near-
death event, like daredevil. But have you ever heard that happening to someone in real life? let
us introduce you to the mini chubby version of the magneto, who got the power of attracting
metal after a near-death experience. Nikolai Kryaglyachenko was walking home after school
when he lent just for a second, against a lamppost that was live from a faulty wire. That was
enough for the lightning to strike him and the kid was blasted across the pavement. Thankfully,
he wasn’t seriously injured and was able to near home. A miracle had happened because when he
woke up the next morning, he noticed coins stuck to his body and when he was having breakfast
and dropped the spoon, it stuck to my chest. The boy has developed magneto-type ability but

doesn’t have a lot of control over it. He will come around to control it one day hopefully. Nikolai
wanted to be a fireman before but now he wants to be a superhero. Who is going to tell this kid
that firemen are superheroes too?

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