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10 Scariest Things Found in Antarctica!

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10 Scariest Things Found in Antarctica!

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10 Scariest Things Found in Antarctica

Antarctica. The southernmost continent and the most remote of them all. With a territory that is double the size of Australia, this place is one of the most mysterious on Earth. Usually you only go here if you are doing important research...or if you really love the cold. But honestly, there’s not much going on in here. Or at least that’s what we’ve been told. But is it possible that a continent this big can be so boring? I don’t think so! There’ve been tons of stories of crazy things happening in this place and that’s why today I’ll be showing you “10 of the scariest things found in Antarctica.” It makes sense that a place so remote is full of strange and creepy phenomena - and today we’ll be unveiling some of the most intriguing mysteries. At the end of this video you’ll realize that this place is far from being boring or uneventful and perhaps you’ll want to check it out someday. Unless, of course, the things on this video freak you out. So get ready for the creepy, eerie and unexpected things of this far away continent.

Jade-Green Icebergs

We start with something quite eerie; something that we don’t see often. Usually, icebergs are white or blue, but Antarctica also has jade-green icebergs. These emerald colored chunks of ice remind me of the Wizard of Oz and other fantastical places that only exist in fairy tales where places are jade-green and magical things happen in them. A group of explorers took a sample of these icebergs in 1988 and they found out that the iceberg is not made out of glacier ice, but instead it’s made out of marine ice. This type of iceberg gets its unique color from iron oxide in seawater that blends with the crystalline blue color of the ice. Iron is an important nutrient for the marine phytoplankton, so the existence of these green icebergs with high concentrations of iron indicates that they’re more than just an exotic part of nature. They’re actually quite important for the environment.

Eerie Sounds

Antarctica is relatively quiet, compared to other parts of the world. When you’re there, you’re likely to hear penguins, seals, albatross and other animals that can survive in the cold. Sometimes you’ll also hear inflatable boats and ships as they move through frozen waters but sometimes, if you listen closely, you will also hear the ice. And I’m not talking about the sound of an avalanche or the sounds of ice breaking into pieces; I’m talking about the eerie sounds that researchers found when they were studying the ice in the area. They say it sounds like the soundtrack of a sci-fi movie. That’s the result of wind and outer snow coming together and creating some creepy music for your journey. Although it might be hard to believe, these sounds actually have a purpose! If you learn to monitor the “songs” of the ice, you can predict how stable it is and how likely it is to collapse. In other words, the ice can speak to you if you listen closely! Isn’t that crazy?
Blood Falls

Waterfalls are beautiful, except when it looks like they’re pouring down streams of blood. In 1911, a group of scientists found a waterfall with deep red water coming out from it. They called it “The Blood Falls” due to its color and they believed the red hue was caused by red algae. However, years later they came to realize that the color came from oxidized iron in the seawater. It doesn’t sound that scary when you look at the science behind it, but there’s actually something intriguing about these red waterfalls. Some researchers found microbes that can survive extreme conditions. You gotta keep in mind that one of the reasons why Antarctica doesn’t have a lot of living beings like other places is because the continent is so cold, that not many can survive the low temperatures. However, the microbes in these red waters can survive in these conditions and they even resemble what life used to be like at the beginning of times, when there was not enough oxygen on Earth for the survival of complex beings like you and me.


We hear about UFO sightings in different parts of the world. But if there’s one place where you’re likely to see one is in Antarctica. For many years there have been all sorts of conspiracies that claim the existence of UFOs hovering above this remote continent. One of the most recent claims comes from a group of “alien hunters” who say that they saw UFOs in the region back in 2018;

Heat and Warm Caves

You might think Antarctica is simply a cold place, but there are actually some warm areas that you can easily explore without worrying about freezing to death.

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