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[ Minecraft ] PE Top 10 Shaders for Low end devices 1.16

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Title: Top 10 - Best Minecraft PE Shaders For Low End Devices 2020 (MCPE Shaders No Lag) [MCPE/Windows 10]

►Greetings. I heard you are playing miencraft on your coffee machine. So today, I have decided to bring you the top 10 best Minecraft Bedrock shaders aka mcpe no lag shaders 1.16+ and mcpe shaders for low end devices 1.16+ for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. All of these shaders will work on Minecraft PE while some will work on Windows 10. If you face any problems, leave a comment and I will try my best to reply.

►As we move further on your list, the shaders will be more lightweight and fps friendly.

Note: Make sure your render distance is as low as possible.

*Watch on 2160p60 For Better Details*

⏱Timestams and Shaders:⏱

Information 00:00
Cinematography 00:20
Kamii Shader (Super Low) 01:06
Reshader Lux 02:54
ColdHorse Shader 04:40
Zaifa Shader v3 (Low) 06:31
Bicubic Shader (Low) 7:47
Vert Shader 1.3 (Low) 08:35
Enchanted HSPE (Low) 10:31
Bicubic Enhanced Default 11:26
UGSPE Enhanced Default 12:42
Waving Plants and Water 14:18
Expressing Gratitude 15:06
Ending 15:25



1. Kamii Shader | MCPE | Win10 Coming Soon!
[Select Low Version Using Slider]

Kamii Shader Win 10 version is done. The creator hasn't release it yet.

2. Reshader Lux | MCPE


3. Cold's Shader: Horse | MCPE
Download link is in the pinned comment of the video linked above.

Creator: Cold ICE
Fun Fact: Cold ICE makes non-clickbaited and amazing shader content. I recommend checking his channel out.

4. Zaifa Shader Low | MCPE

Note: All version of the shader (low-ultra) is in the zip file. Extract the file and install the low versions or higher version if you can run it.


5. Bicubic Shader Low | MCPE | Win 10


6. Vert Shader 1.3 Low | MCPE | Win 10
I highly recommend this shader.

The link is the the creator's video aforementioned above. Download the low version or high version if your device can handle.


7. Enchanted HSPE | MCPE | Win 10
[Select Smooth Version using slider]


8. Bicubic Enhanced Default | MCPE | Win10


9. UGSPE Shader Default++ | MCPE
Download link for Default++ is near the end of the webpage linked above.


10. Waving Leaves and Water | MCPE | Win10


►TEXTURE PACKS: (Optional)

•Barebones (Used With HSPE)


•Autumn Texture Pack (Used with Vert 1.3)


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Music credit:
Non Copyright Songs used

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