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Top 10 ways the World is going to change after COVID-19

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Top 10 ways the World is going to change after COVID-19:

We are facing not only the worst pandemic of this century but a crisis like never before. Our beliefs have been challenged; our plans for the future have become uncertain, our lifestyle has become unsafe. This makes it even harder for people to fight this deadly virus.

10. Hygiene:
Even though they say that old habits die hard but trust me when I say that the masks are here to stay for a long time! In these past few months, we all have witnessed an increase in awareness in people regarding their hygiene in public but also personal spaces. This also contributed to containing the disease to an extent in most countries and will further play a role in restricting its transmission in the future.

9. Technology:
Whoever claimed that Technology and Digitalization was the future, was probably right. Something new that we all witnessed and was amazed at how conveniently everyone used the technology to their use. With everyone and everything locked down, it was only natural that everyone shifted to online working and learning. Technology made it possible for them to work and learn with the same enthusiasm but from the safety of their homes. And technology may become even more important at this age.

8. Insurance:
After every war, comes a post-war period when the desire for rebirth is the strongest. People would do anything to not experience what they went through again. They will stock their pantry; they will look out for the smallest cause of the disturbance. That is why it is expected that in a post COVID world, Insurance will play a role central than ever as people will look for certainty in most aspects of their lives.

7. Home Bias:
21st century witnessed a decrease in the home bias, a bias of low risk for what is closer to home. Before the COVID-19, we enjoyed a sense of trust in the world that we took for granted. We could travel anywhere on Earth, we could buy anything we want, we could meet with anyone we like. But that changed in the past few months and so does our faith in the globalized world.

6. Trust:
As mentioned above, we lost the trust that we had in this world and the way it was working before this deadly virus caused havoc in our lives and changed it forever.
It will take a lot of effort and time for the Leadership to win the trust of the people again because it was their incompetent leadership along with the deadly virus that has put humanity on such a new, uncertain path.

5. Workspaces:
“I feel we may go back to “smaller offices with cabin-like structures. All this will affect not only how we design offices, but also homes. Business centers in shared living complexes are a possibility. More TVs in the home, as they will become video conferencing tools and what is a conference table during the day becomes a dining table at night,” says Sonali Rastogi, founding partner of architecture firm Morphogenesis

This pandemic has contributed to the biggest and successful experiment conducted regarding the work from home, making it the new normal. People have realized that the only distance between wearing a tie every morning and commuting for an hour each day and effectively working from the comfort of your home only requires downloading an app or two and permission from your boss. It will be hard to put the genie back in the lamp!

4. Education:
The change we saw over the past few months in terms of Education is not likely to revert when the virus has settled. We may see a shift towards a blended learning environment, that includes learning in the classroom and online, rather than solely focusing on one. It has also paved the path for society to treat internet connectivity as a necessity rather than a luxury.

3. Politics:
The political scenario is bound to change when everything returns to normal, the process of which has already been initiated. The change might not be drastic at first, but it will have a huge impact on the world in the years that follow. People have already lost trust in their leadership and we may witness political uprising in more countries than we’d like.

2. Economy:
We will be facing a serious recession and a fragile economy when we walk in the post COVID world and a single factor will solely make it hard for us to settle and look towards the future.
The economic side effects of the global pandemic have been visible in the lockdown as well with more people filing unemployment than ever in history, companies shutting down their plants, firing their employees, and reporting mind-blowing losses. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

1. Healthcare:
This pandemic did a lot of things along with highlighting the shortcomings of the neglected healthcare systems around the world. The developed and developing nations struggled side by side as their healthcare structures crippled. But on the brighter side, it started a debate on the whole system which may pave way for a drastic change in our perception of healthcare.

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