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Top 5 CRAZIEST kid court sentencing videos

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Number 5
The sentencing of Desean Brown

This court outburst happened quite recently, in June of 2022, not even a month ago from this video’s upload date. The case is as follows. Desean Brown stabbed 29-year-old Nyteisha Lattimore to death and tossed her 3-old-son, Nylo, into the Ohio River while he was still alive. Brown is accused of stabbing Lattimore in December 2020 after he planned her murder for months. After he killed her, he allegedly waited several days before putting her in a body bag and having an Uber drive him to the Ohio River. He told the driver the bag was just clothes.

I’m sure that the uber driver believed him, the giant bag weighing as much as a person, being dumped in the river is just clothes… yeah I doubt that guy is ever driving for uber again…

The man in question losing his temper is the biological father of the murdered child. In the courtroom footage, it can be seen that Hughes is seated in the back row of the Hamilton County courtroom, before sneaking up to the defence table from behind and wacking Brown in the jaw with a right hook. He continues the throw punches at the defendant until he is restrained by police.

Number 4,
The sentencing of Patrick Gilmore.

This is another recent case that was closed only three weeks ago, the details are as follows: Patrick Gilmore currently 18, was sentenced to life in prison with no parole for killing Lane Rosalind, 17, in Sept. 2021.

17 year old lane Rosalind’s body was found in a shallow grave in his killer backyard

After Patrick plead guilty to killing his friend, the judge sentenced him to a life of prison for shooting his 17 year old friend with a crossbow. Even though some may say that sentencing is a little too harsh even for this murder consider this: Roslynd’s body wasn’t found for another 32 days after he was reported missing. The most disturbing fact about this crime is that the parents of the victim came and visited the killer for information about their missing son. They just came over to his place to ask questions and little did they know their son’s body was in the backyard no more than 50 feet away. After the facts came out that Gilmore committed the murder, he led detectives to the body.

Number 3,
Next we have the story of Nick browning

Back in February of 2008 an entire family was murdered in their sleep except for 1 family member, nick browning, who was found guilty to committing the murders. At the age of 15, nick browning went to his home after hanging out with some friends, killed his family, left to go back to his friends and brought them all back to his home to act shocked as if a robbery occurred. Nick had staged some elements in an attempt to make it look like a robbery.

6 years after he moved through his entire home taking out his father, then mother, then two little brothers. Nicholas shows up in court to get his life sentences reduced so he can qualify for treatment behind bars. However, the attorney nor the judge did believe he had any remorse and denied his motion. It was said that no leniency would be given to him as the crime was carefully planned out as if he was a professional hitman.

Number 2,
Michelle Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter of Conrad roy

Conrad roy was a recent high school graduate that had a lot going for him. Here’s a vlog he filmed after he found out he was going to be captain of his ship, continuing the family tradition in New England.

His mother knows that he suffered from insomnia and depression, Conrad had also been on medication and been treated for an overdose some months prior to his passing. so when she didn’t hear from him in a while she got worried and reported him missing when she didn’t hear from him in over 12 hours. After 4 hours of searching police finally find Conrad’s truck. Hoping to find him inside sleeping, police are shocked to find out Conrad dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Number 1
Kyle anger

Kennith a white, was just driving down southbound interstate on the Vienna township when a rock came through his windshield killing him at the age of 32. Kyle, the teen that committed the crime was tried as an adult and was sentenced by tenesee judge Joseph j pherra was sentence to serve 39 months to 20 years in prison.

Even though this sentence does seem quite light since it caused the death of a loving father and husband, there were some mitigating factors: He had no prior record, was the first suspect to turn himself in, sufferers from a mental health issue and it was argued he was used by the others in the group for his vehicle. Here’s a clip of the judge rejecting the proposal for juvenile sentencing.

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