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Top 10 Cane Corso Facts. Cane Corso Breed Information.

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The Cane Corso is an Italian breed and is also known as an Italian Mastiff.
They sport a large build, a big strong head and curious almond-shaped eyes.
They are more muscular than they are bulky compared to other mastiffs.
Despite their rough and athletic exterior they are actually quite docile and loving dogs.

These dogs grow fast and go from small to very large relatively quicker than others.
The height of an average Cane Corso can grow between 58-70cm. and can typically weigh between 40-55kg. A healthy and well kept Cane Corso can live up to 10-12 years.

Contrary to their muscular build, Cane Corso are lovers not fighters.
They are very noble protectors of those they love and know. They don’t bother too much with strangers, but those within their family have its undivided loyalty and protection.

The Cane corso dog make for great companionship. But They're also great for tracking, working in law enforcement, acting as a guard dog or simply for personal protection.

They are viewed quite commonly as a ‘bodyguard dog.’ and at times can be somewhat territorial.
Though they are dominant and strong willed by nature.. They respect an owner that is confident, stern and consistent.
That is why Cane corso aren't recommended for first-time, inexperienced owners. Because they need an owner that has good leadership, is disciplined and can keep them on their toes.
They are generally calm and well behaved, and only act up if mistreated. You won’t find them behaving aggressively at times that would be considered ‘inappropriate’

Exercise for them isn't just physical, it is important that they keep up an exciting mentality.
Their boredom can become a bit of nuisance and show in quite extravagant ways: excessive barking, breaking things, chewing on things..anything to keep them busy. So it's important to keep them active and doing something, to show them you care as their temperament depends on it.

Cane Corso’s aren’t too fussy when it comes to a home, as long as there is a place for them to run and roll around.
it is important for them to explore and socialise as early they can. Different sights, sounds, people. As well as on their own to build confidence. With these skills they become very well-rounded dogs and allows them to naturally adapt to new people, new animals, new situations.

Last but not least they make for exceptional family dogs. Cane Corso’s are smart, powerful, enthusiastic and headstrong animals. They embody all the traits that equate to a good dog. They are smart and easy to train, They are safe and loving around children, and makes it their responsibility to take care of their family.

Credits for the images with permission to use (list by video timeline sequence):
* Brad Scott of Hawaii
Owner of cane corso - Moons Temana
(Photos on video time line: 0 to 0.20 )

* Vladimir Nikolic of Sofia, Bulgaria
(Photos on video timeline 0.21 to 0.38)

* Nick Loftis
(Photos on video time line: 0.39 to 0.44 )

* Alex Chavarin of California U.S.A
(Photos on video time line: 0.45 to 1.08 )

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